About Us

Cipsaş Gıda is a manufacturer and exporter of corn chips, Denizli, in Turkey. Tefaş company history dates back to 1968 Tefaş specializes in global nuts and hazelnut exporting. As an expanding industry, the company slipped into chips in 2012 Initially, the company adapted its activities to the needs of the local market. In the face of rapidly increasing demand, the company advanced operational excellence through the latest technology to get the latest and hire the best professionals. Nowadays Cipsaş is one of the biggest Turkish exporters offering corn chips all over the world. With its small production capacity, it started in 2012 and gradually increased its production capacity over the years, and the company has managed to become one of the biggest Turkish exporters of corn chips. It is one of the premier snack production companies and has expanded exponentially and eventually to include both potato chips in production. Nowadays Cipsaş are the four major brands, Crunch, Tefos, Kanky and Tomby.

  The Company (Private Label) manufactures according to the application, to meet its expectations by serving its customers and offering products that match their specifications. Nowadays it is one of the important PL producers in the Turkish export market. The company distributes a wide range of packet-producing and corn chips. The company is excellent in packing, marketing and manufacturing chips. Also importing and exporting pulses, chickpeas and pumpkin seeds.